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  • Ultimate Lead Generation System so you can have more leads then you can handle! ($2,995)
  • Overcome Any Objection so you ALWAYS WIN!
  • Systemize Your Entire Business so you can spend your time on making MORE MONEY!
  • Psychology of a Buyer so you can only with the right people!
  • Psychology of a Seller so you can ALWAYS get the listing!
  • Negotiate with Anyone and Win!
  • Show Less Homes & Sell More of Them!
  • Secret to Showing Less Homes & Sell More Of Them! 
4 Days of Personal Training (1 Hour Per Day) From October 1st to October 4th, 2022 On The 1st Year Platinum Blueprint For Successfully Starting And Scaling ANY Real Estate Agent Business In ANY Area in the United States [$4,995 Value]

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Become Real Estate Agent Challenge
Total Value $1685
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And Get My 2X Money Back Guarantee!
Meet The Broker Mentor: Prabhjit Singh

Prabhjit Singh has been on Huffington Post Live, New York Times, CBS, ABC, Washington Post & New York Times.

He is a top producing real estate agent with over 18 years of experience. In addition, he is a social media marketing expert creating relationships with celebrities such as Oprah, Nick Cannon, and Howie Mandell.

He is a passionate negotiator who has negotiated every single piece of furniture in his own home.  He will not give up until he gets the very best deal for his clients.  He just can’t stop himself! In his last sale in Potomac, MD he negotiated the home purchase from $1,800,000 (Appraised value) down to $965,000, that is $835,000 below value!

Real People. Real Results.

It was a real positive experience. I was really impressed with the instructors. We had a whole host of instructors with a lot of varied experiences that taught us not only the content but also gave us context and real life experience to complement the work that we are doing in the course. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone that is interested in having a very efficient and a quick way to complete the 60 hours.

-Renee Faulkner

Very productive school and excellent instruction. I highly recommend it if you are looking to get your license, this is the school to be. Once again very instructive and very informative. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge here and filled a lot of little gaps about Real Estate. He is a very good instructor.

-Tony Jenkins

I am enjoying this class very much. I thought it would be very difficult but Prabhjit made it very easy and very clear. So I’ve enjoyed this class very much.

-Ying Yue

Prabhjit Singh is very fine and the way he breaks down the information so that I can understand it is wonderful and I really enjoyed his class.

-Sandra Blackman

2X Money Back Guarantee!

This has been a great program. I’ve really learned a lot. The class has been really interactive and I’m about to take my test to get my license.

-Darne Lamby

I recently completed the 60 hours pre licensing course from Rempower. This course is fast paced, fun and interactive and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to take this course in the future.

-Brent Stein

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Become Real Estate Agent Challenge

Have you been thinking about becoming a Real estate agent but don’t know even where to start?

Do you feel kind of stuck because even if you get your license you are not sure how you would make this a business?

Would you like to learn the 1st year platinum blueprint that will show you exactly what to do to make $100k in your first year?

Then this is for you!
You don’t need to look around trying to figure this out on your own!

Let’s do this together and you will walk away with your business plan made specifically based on your goals and your lifestyle!

Did you know that across the United States only 44% of the people passed the licensure exam the 1st time?
And of those only 16% of them actually survive their 1st year?
That Is Why We Are Going To Teach You Our Exclusive Proprietary 100% Pass Blueprint So You Don’t Become A Statistic!
We will also share with you our Proprietary Platinum 1st year blueprint that will walk you step by step on what to do in your first year so you make six figures without question!
What you will learn during the challenge:
  • How to get your real estate license
  • How to pass your license exam the 1st time!
  • How to get your first clients
  • How to create the ultimate lead generation system
  • How to overcome any objection you get!
  • How to systemize your entire business
  • Psychology of a Buyer
  • Psychology of a Seller
  • How to Negotiate with Anyone and Win!
  • How to Show Less Homes & Sell More of Them!
  • How to manage your schedule so you spend more time with your family and make more money!

And so much more …

Become Real Estate Agent Challenge
Total Value $1685
Join TODAY for only $47!
And Get My 2X Money Back Guarantee!
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